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Diversity is good for people, culture and profitability

For Companies: PROGAM 50/50 >

Our solution is;

1) A program for tech leadership at medium to large companies that surfaces the primary de-railers that are causing women to seek alternative careers and facilitates addressing them through a actionable roadmap
2) Certification

The outcome of our program and certification is that our clients increase retention of their women in tech, further enhancing their brand in the market and in turn making them advantageously clear employers of choice for women in tech.

For w*men in tech careers: THE F FACTOR >

By working only with companies who are genuinely committed to achieving balanced technology teams, we give you access to the best career prospects in inclusive tech teams with great potential.

You know you can trust in a company who has the
Program 50/50 certification

The F Factor is an inclusive community that celebrates w*men in technology, creating a safe forum for amazing women to come together with connections, inspiration, mentorship, career support and opportunities to build the careers they want and deserve.